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Sunday, July 31, 2005


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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When Jessis breath returned to normal, she smiled at Michelle and said, "By the way, its nice to meet you!" Jessi and Michelle spent most of the weekend in Michelles hotel room, breaking only for room service and champagne. When Michelle thai pussy left for home Sunday evening, both girls had the glow that only comes from long hot sex... * * * * * This was an early effort , please give thai pussy me feedback... For My Pretty Little Boy "Come here, my pretty pet, I want you with me thai pussy tonight," I call to you. When you are near, I reach up and stroke your soft hair. "Its getting so long and lovely." Taking your hand, I pull you gently towards the bed weve shared more and more thai pussy lately. We stretch out together, lying and facing each other. We are dressed very much alike, you in a short black teddy with black lacy panties, and I am wearing white lace. I prop on my elbow to study your face and I let my free hand roam over your skin - your shoulder, your arm, your silk-covered hip, then back thai pussy up to caress your cheek. "Your skin is so soft, my little one," I whisper, planting a light kiss on your forehead. "And youve made me want you so much tonight."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

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All the sexual will in the universe couldn’t make my spent cock spring back to full erection. But again, that wasn’t the point. That, however, didn’t stop me from taking pleasure in her wonderful tongue exploring my foreskin and head inside and out in the search for cum. I loved the sensation of her warm, wet tongue caressing my dick with firm, hungry motions. I could feel it swelling inside her and knew that regardless of the fact that I’d come twice in such a short time, I was going to be ready soon for her sister. At that point I turned to anal fucking porn face her, Sara was bent over, facing away from me and still very much enjoying her sister’s pussy. My eyes were instantly drawn to her ass which was swaying inches from my face to the same rhythm as her tongue. Her white panties barely concealed her perfect round rear and I could clearly see the cleft between her legs surrounded by wet cotton. My eyes fixed on that grove, and the damp patch that seemed to grow the more I watched, fortunately Mai seemed to have cleaned my cock of any flavour and was now taking care of my burgeoning erection by sucking hard on my anal fucking porn flesh. I could feel myself start to fill her small mouth and grow down her anal fucking porn throat. I felt her moans vibrate down my anal fucking porn cock and figured Sarah had also switched from cleaning to pleasing. Perfectly manicures finger nails brushed against my balls and before I knew it my fully erect cock was pulsing against Mai’s tongue. I concluded to myself that Japanese twins were better than Viagra when it came to putting a spring in your step and a lead bar in your pencil.

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Meanwhile Jennifer and Thomas had engaged in a long, seductive kiss against the door when they entered the room. Her hands traced his body and eventually found his plump cock. He had picked one of her legs up and around his body with his left arm, and this other pulled her hair back. “Fuck me…please fuck me” she begged. “Yeah, you like that fat cock don’t you?” “God yes.” “On your knees.” And he free teen anal porn pushed to her knees. She undid his free teen anal porn belt and pants and his cock leaped free. He was free teen anal porn enormous. “oh…” Jennifer said breathlessly. She quickly pulled the skin back and ran her tongue down the shaft. “Suck that big motha fucka” he ordered her with his hands still in his hair. She took him into her mouth and began to suck. She loved it, she had always enjoyed foreplay but this was like nothing ever. She loved the way his big black cock glistened with her saliva. Melissa now exited the bathroom, she didn’t know what to expect to see, but it certainly wasn’t this. Jennifer continued to suck Thomas, Kathy was just standing up Darron was pulling her pants down. But Curtis, cock erect and massive, was approaching her, his stomach muscles were chiseled from stone. Built like a tank, she embraced as soon as he got near. He groped at her breasts “Oh” he squeezed her ass “oh shit”. And her hand wrapped around his hot, wet manhood. She immediately stroked it.

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