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Friday, March 10, 2006

Armore Gets Jason Ch. 02
One of the first films we did was with this European goddess who looked liked she was over here visiting on her senior high school trip. Young, tight and tender. Kong made mincemeat out of her crotch during the shoot so there was no way Barry was going to get any. Mike had to get in Double duty of fucking her mouth then her ass. When Catrina's shoot was over I propositioned her with a long vacation that could include a stay back in Europe for a while. She showed her appreciation readily for the next few weeks, while my old fogey secretary Kathy arranged the trip. My secretary Kathy of course couldn’t wait to tell mom, as they were best friends and my mother had forced her on me many years ago.
Catrina made me forget all my problems, fuck Armore I hope she’s getting a gorilla gang bang now. My stepdaughter Ginger was due home from college soon as well as Marian from boarding school. Time to get back and decide how to put my life back in order. It was still April when I told Catrina I was leaving, she made up some bull shit story about her sick Aunt and all that. I said I understood and stuck my dick in her mouth for old time’s sake. I figure one last ass fuck wouldn’t hurt either. I pulled my boat up to the pier instead of the docks for my final fuck. I kicked her naked ass off the boat to a bunch of dock-workers in the middle of the night and threw a cover of the movie out with her. I hadn’t even backed my boat out before I heard her screams. A laugh came my lips as I now was starting to understand my place in this world.
When I came home Jason had produced a few more films and we were already receiving some returns off the first. Jason would probably be upset when he found out we lost Catrina, I hope his other films would be successful cause I was sure there would be no sequels for my European goddess. Jason met me at the house a half-hour after I came into town and started going straight into the business. Profits, expected returns, contracts, locations ...yawn! How's the pussy been? Jason answered his ringing cell phone with a sheepish smile on his face. I waited as he instructed someone on the phone to fix his dinner about eight, and how he’d let her suck him off if it tasted good. "Your wife" he said. "I gave her an apartment over the studio."
My stepdaughter Ginger came downstairs and gave me a fake hug. I was surprised to see her there since I expected her to take residence with her mom. I asked her why she was here, she said "this is still my house till mine is finished. Marian and I are getting our own house built but it won't be finished for 4 more months. I assumed we could stay here until it was done. I made the mistake of trying to move in with mom. The shit that goes on there was too much for me. Jason here said you know all about mom's new life." I nodded. "Well I stayed with her for three weeks before Marianne came home from her school in China. I stayed in my room mostly the first few nights but Jason and his friends were banging her all over the house. She would scream and yell. I would lie in the bed and couldn’t drown out the noise. I don’t know if I really had to pee that bad or was just curious. Jason was over as usual after work fucking her right against my bedroom door.
I waited but the banging seemed like it went on for over an hour. When I opened my door moms’ naked ass came falling into the room. Jason just stood there all dark and chocolate and sweaty with that huge cock of his glistening wet with moms pussy juice all over it. He Just stood in the doorway with that sheepish little smile he gets. Looking at me in one of mothers little sexy nighties, except you know my titties are so much larger than hers, so only my nipples were in the top. I don’t know why I didn’t cover up. Why I just stood there staring at that mighty cock. It took mom a while to get up all the while he stared at my face while I watched his throbbing cock hang between those well-defined thighs. When mom recovered she apologized to me for the intrusion and some stuff about Jason being an ass hole. She hurried from the room past Jason who never stopped standing like a statue, staring at me with his glistening cock. I tried to walk past him but there was no room that allowed me past without grabbing it.
When I heard two other men voices in the living room my choices seemed to evaporate. With mom distracted, I had to grab his cock to lower it to get past him in the doorway. At least that's what I told myself. He made this real throaty sound that shook me and I stared up into those dark, happy and mad eyes. It made me feel weird standing there with his cock in both hands but I just felt Hot." She said this with the Scarlet O’Hara hand fanning her face wave jiggling her tits, for me? She continued on with her story; "He still hadnt moved one muscle since the door had fallen open and here I was now pumping his cock. He never spoke. The only sounds were the slapping sounds of human flesh. Unintelligible voices and squeals coming from the other room, and this wet sticky cock sliding in my hands. I can't tell you what happened to my panties. I just remember my shoulders being pressed against the wall with my legs over his shoulders and a magnificent cock pumping my pussy with deep, deep strokes. I looked into his smiling face and locked into his eyes and came. I slid down the wall as he let me go. While I sat on my ass dazed this prick comes over and tells me to suck Kong. I'm still spaced after an intense orgasm open my eyes and he’s got a major cock poking at my lips. I hear a real base filled 'Suck Kong'.
Jason spoke up. "After I realized this little slut doesn't just dress like a slut but she came while she was sucking my dick. I figured it might be to my advantage to not let the others have at her so I told her she should move here at least till you got back." An interesting dilemma I was faced with. Here I find that my stepdaughter is a complete whore and wanting to stay at my house for the next four months. An obvious moral dilemma that had to have my immediate attention. I had tried my best to be a father to these spoiled little girls. In no way have they ever shown any closeness, hence my surprise to see her here. Now do I go to the hospital for the broken dick I was about to have if I didn’t get it out my pants or put it back after I fuck her. Since the dick in my hand indicated I was about to get some of this 20yr old pussy, I just let go. I pushed her down onto the floor face first. This little Barbie ass was about to be split by some major drilling. I made her take off her panties with her face still down in the floor. She was beautiful but now wasn’t the time for eye contact I wanted animal ass fucking. I moved between her legs while she was on all fours, hawked and rubbed it in. I stuck a finger in her ass for testing. It was perfectly tight. I looked over at Jason and he just gave me the thumbs up. The bastard saved her ass hole for me.
I pushed into her ass with all the finesse of a bull in a china shop. I let loose with every result from every workout for the last ten years on her virgin ass. Her squeals of begging me to stop, stopped when I told her this is how its gonna be around this house from now on. Jason chimed in for her to rub her pussy but I don't think she heard him. It looked like she was trying to pull my carpet off the floor. Her head was getting pushed around lying on a pillow of her own hair. The sight of her gritting her teeth trying to take my pounding cock, mascara running, big titties pulled from under her being mauled by hands with all my might was the breaking point… I, ..we,, ..damn, ..shit, from mars, ..oh, ..who, ..oh yeah. That’s the best I can do to say it. When I came I came well.
Collapsing on her back crushing her under me with my cock still spasming in her juice filled hole I couldn’t help but smile at my abusive but still best friend Jason. He said "I hoped you would get the message that you deserved to be treated a little better around here. I figure the girls can stay here and will be our special treat. I definitely don’t want Barry or Mike to get into any of this. She's thin with big titties, beautiful, a tight little ass and some real good pussy, if you ever get around to finding out about it." He pushed my limp body over off Ginger’s quiet unmoving form. Jason said, "you fucked her to sleep kidd. You're getting better with age." He got down on his knees and started smacking her sleeping face with his limp dick. When she open her eyes I heard a deep throaty 'Suck Kong'.
The coincidence of the similarities between my daughters and the original Ginger & Marianne was never lost on any of us but when Marian came in the house from the pool in her denim shorts I knew there was a glitch in the matrix. If I didn’t know better I would have swore her eighteen-year-old legs had the most expensive of stockings on. So smooth and creamy like tanned creme filled snacks. She stood watching her sister sucking cock with cum spilling from her ass hole, her stepfathers growing wet penis. Her nipples sticking straight out showing the level of arousal that corresponded with her lower lip lowering and legs rubbing. She also must know Kong well I figured. I told Marian to come over to me and sit down. She came to me on wobbly legs with tears running down her cheeks.
Marian said "I'm sorry I didn’t mean to get involved with the sex, but with mom and Ginger begging Jason for his dick all the time instead of spending time with me ...I gave in to him last night. I was outside swimming in the pool now trying to cool my privates but I cant help how bad I want it too, just like they do. I dried her tears and said I understood. Then she looked at me with the most selfish spoiled little girl look and said "if you understand why don't you tell your friend to take his dick out of Ginger's mouth so I can get some more of it." What could I do but laugh.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

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When Jessis breath returned to normal, she smiled at Michelle and said, "By the way, its nice to meet you!" Jessi and Michelle spent most of the weekend in Michelles hotel room, breaking only for room service and champagne. When Michelle thai pussy left for home Sunday evening, both girls had the glow that only comes from long hot sex... * * * * * This was an early effort , please give thai pussy me feedback... For My Pretty Little Boy "Come here, my pretty pet, I want you with me thai pussy tonight," I call to you. When you are near, I reach up and stroke your soft hair. "Its getting so long and lovely." Taking your hand, I pull you gently towards the bed weve shared more and more thai pussy lately. We stretch out together, lying and facing each other. We are dressed very much alike, you in a short black teddy with black lacy panties, and I am wearing white lace. I prop on my elbow to study your face and I let my free hand roam over your skin - your shoulder, your arm, your silk-covered hip, then back thai pussy up to caress your cheek. "Your skin is so soft, my little one," I whisper, planting a light kiss on your forehead. "And youve made me want you so much tonight."

Saturday, July 23, 2005

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All the sexual will in the universe couldn’t make my spent cock spring back to full erection. But again, that wasn’t the point. That, however, didn’t stop me from taking pleasure in her wonderful tongue exploring my foreskin and head inside and out in the search for cum. I loved the sensation of her warm, wet tongue caressing my dick with firm, hungry motions. I could feel it swelling inside her and knew that regardless of the fact that I’d come twice in such a short time, I was going to be ready soon for her sister. At that point I turned to anal fucking porn face her, Sara was bent over, facing away from me and still very much enjoying her sister’s pussy. My eyes were instantly drawn to her ass which was swaying inches from my face to the same rhythm as her tongue. Her white panties barely concealed her perfect round rear and I could clearly see the cleft between her legs surrounded by wet cotton. My eyes fixed on that grove, and the damp patch that seemed to grow the more I watched, fortunately Mai seemed to have cleaned my cock of any flavour and was now taking care of my burgeoning erection by sucking hard on my anal fucking porn flesh. I could feel myself start to fill her small mouth and grow down her anal fucking porn throat. I felt her moans vibrate down my anal fucking porn cock and figured Sarah had also switched from cleaning to pleasing. Perfectly manicures finger nails brushed against my balls and before I knew it my fully erect cock was pulsing against Mai’s tongue. I concluded to myself that Japanese twins were better than Viagra when it came to putting a spring in your step and a lead bar in your pencil.

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Meanwhile Jennifer and Thomas had engaged in a long, seductive kiss against the door when they entered the room. Her hands traced his body and eventually found his plump cock. He had picked one of her legs up and around his body with his left arm, and this other pulled her hair back. “Fuck me…please fuck me” she begged. “Yeah, you like that fat cock don’t you?” “God yes.” “On your knees.” And he free teen anal porn pushed to her knees. She undid his free teen anal porn belt and pants and his cock leaped free. He was free teen anal porn enormous. “oh…” Jennifer said breathlessly. She quickly pulled the skin back and ran her tongue down the shaft. “Suck that big motha fucka” he ordered her with his hands still in his hair. She took him into her mouth and began to suck. She loved it, she had always enjoyed foreplay but this was like nothing ever. She loved the way his big black cock glistened with her saliva. Melissa now exited the bathroom, she didn’t know what to expect to see, but it certainly wasn’t this. Jennifer continued to suck Thomas, Kathy was just standing up Darron was pulling her pants down. But Curtis, cock erect and massive, was approaching her, his stomach muscles were chiseled from stone. Built like a tank, she embraced as soon as he got near. He groped at her breasts “Oh” he squeezed her ass “oh shit”. And her hand wrapped around his hot, wet manhood. She immediately stroked it.

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